If You Need Help To Quit, Ask Your Provider.

For.ataracts that interfere greatly with vision, doctors usually remove the lens of the eye. These spots sometimes clear on their own. Prevention of retinopathy is very important for people with diabetes and hypertension . This therapy helps reduce the amount of fluid leaking into your retina, resulting in visual improvement. If you need help to quit, ask your provider. If a blood vessel has leaked into the vitreous humour and scarring has occurred, your doctor may advise you to have a vitrectomy. All forms of diabetic eye disease have the potential to cause severe vision loss and blindness. In some cases, the blood can be reabsorbed, but in many cases the retina can become detached causing total blindness. Good controls of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol as well as regular eye examinations may prevent vision loss. Small spots or floaters may also indicate blood vessel leaks and may clear up in days, weeks, or even months.


Manage your diabetes and diabetic retinopathy – your doctor will assist you. If someone has diabetes, it's extremely important that they have their eyes monitored and examined, as recommended by an ophthalmologist eye specialist. But the retinopathy that destroys vision, proliferative retinopathy, is far less common.